Who Sang Turn It Around? Link 80

Link 80 17 Reasons... cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997-5-28
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk/Hardcore/Ska
length: 1:43
Dire civilization getting high of misery
Lives wasted away flipping though the channels on TV
We're taking our time
And throwing it away
Tomorr'ws killed by yesterday
Intimidation replacing unity
Blank generation, community
More factories are going up
More people are falling down
It's up to us to turn it around
TURN IT AROUND (a lot of times)
We're rolling down hill and gaining speed
Snowballing all the way killing everything we see
We're taught when we're young,
Don't bite the hand that feeds
But it covers our ears and shades all we see
TURN IT AROUND (a lot of times)
Living in a world made for one
Lock the door
Pull the shades
Kill the sun
Failures all that I can get right
An empty hand and a bloody knife
TURN IT AROUND (a lot of times)

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