Who Sang Daddy's Gun? Lisa Angelle

Lisa Angelle Lisa Angelle cover art
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Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country
length: 4:41

Johnny learned to shoot when he was eight
His daddy hit him hard when he didn't shoot straight
His daddy would be proud to know
Today his son will not shoot low
Johnny's gonna hit just where he aims
Johnny borrowed his daddy's gun today

Johnny's been through hell in twelve short years
When he screams there's no one to hear
"Daddy please, Oh Daddy don't-
Daddy please let Mama go'
He sits inside the front door and he waits
Johnny borrowed his daddy's gun today

And he cries like he's six years old again
And he dreams that he's "daddy's little man"
He reasons in his mind somewhere
Someday they will meet up there
In heaven daddy's always care
And mama's tears will all be washed away
Johnny borrowed his daddy's gun today

Johnny's mama is sleeping in her room
Johnny knows his dad is gonna be home soon
His little hands are shaking bad
He's praying "Lord, let this cup pass"
But the cat's in the cradle with a 10-gauge in his hand
Johnny's takin all that he can stand

repeat chorus

Johnny borrowed his daddy's gun today
This time the bad man will not get away

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    script: Latin