Who Sang Anahorish? Lisa Hannigan

Lisa Hannigan At Swim cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-8-19
length: 1:50
producer: Aaron Dessner
mixer: Jonathan Low
vocal: Lisa Hannigan, Zoe Randall and Katie Fallon
composer: Lisa Hannigan
lyricist: Seamus Heaney
My "Place Of Clear Water"
The first hill in the world
Where springs washed into
The shiny grass

And darkened cobbles
In the bed of the lane
Anahorish, soft gradient
Of consonant, vowel meadow

After image of lamps
Swung through the yards
On winter evenings
With pails and barrows

Those mound dwellers
Go waist deep in mist
To break the light ice
At wells and dunghills

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