Who Sang Lo? Lisa Hannigan

Lisa Hannigan At Swim cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-8-19
length: 3:54
producer: Aaron Dessner
mixer: Jonathan Low
vocal: Lisa Hannigan
guitar: Lisa Hannigan and Aaron Dessner
piano: Aaron Dessner
membranophone: Ross Turner
Rhodes piano: Doveman
drum machine: Aaron Dessner
acoustic guitar: Aaron Dessner
keyboard: Cormac Curran
writer: Aaron Dessner, Lisa Hannigan
Every night of late
I'm wide awake
Because I feel
That every last mistake
That I have made
Has me in pieces
I smile to your face
(And it is)
A lie just the same
(As if I)
I washed it all away
(And I showed)
My empty plate
With every hour that passes
I try to tell myself
What I know
That night are only ashes
Of days gone by burned
Black and broken

I wear them on my skin
Ahead when I begin
To run I chase until it follows

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