Who Sang Stay? Lissie

Lissie My Wild West cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-2-12
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk Rock
length: 3:29
Can you smell my desperation from miles and miles away?
Can you tell I like temptation less and less every day?
Can you see my situation start to decay? Hey
Well, the weight is on my shoulders and I understand the truth
And it's not that I am bitter, but I'm different than any youth
And I'm calling out, calling out
Out your name
Why doesn't anybody stay?
It's like they all just go away
Nobody stays
It's like they all just fade away, hey

Have you roped any conclusions from the riddles that you found?
Have you peddled illusions and your reasons are not sound?
Been walking 'round for months and days thinking 'bout you now, 'bout you now
Why doesn't anybody stay?
It's like they all just go away
Nobody stays
Everyone just fades away, hey

I think that there's something wrong with me
There's no one left
I need the words to tell it and rebel against what's sitting on my chest
Nobody stays (everyone just fades away)
They all go away
Nobody stays (nobody stays), nobody stays (everyone just fades away), oh (nobody stays)
Nobody stays (nobody stays)
Everyone just fades away (it's like they all go away), fades away
Why doesn't anybody stay? (nobody stays)
It's like they all just go away, ah

CD 1
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  • 2 Hollywood
  • 3 Wild West
  • 4 Hero
  • 5 Sun Keeps Risin’
  • 6 Don’t You Give Up On Me
  • 7 Stay
  • 8 Daughters
  • 9 Together or Apart
  • 10 Shroud
  • 11 Go For a Walk
  • 12 Ojai