Who Sang Hiding Place? Little Brother feat. eLZhi

eLZhi The Minstrel Show cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-9-13
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious
length: 4:01
performer: eLZhi
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(Where you gonna hide?)
(Where you gonna hide?)
Dilla Dog, Jay Dee
(Where you gonna hide?)
(Where you gonna hide?)
Another little brother presentation
Sending this out across the nation

[Big Pooh]
I'm a hell of a problem, nobody has the answer
Pooh be spreading out, like a body of cancer
My stanza, get it going like a car, (vroom)
Usher in the new era, like this y'all (this y'all)
I'm raw stripped down, no minerals
A distilled emcee, no chemicals
No subliminals
A smooth criminal before the rape charge
I, shake and bake, bring terror to your squad
My, pen's ferocious
I'm so focused and
I pray to God that the world knows this
Exposes flaws in your scheme dog
Me and Dilla go hard, my Lord
You don't want know problems (problems)
I'm a nigga that'll solve 'em (solve 'em)
Without a doubt, ya
I'm in the booth, cold knockin niggas out
Tell my tales by word of mouth
Ya, you know me

Where you gonna hide?
When the sun goes down, and the lights in the city get low
Where you gonna hide?
When your peeps ain't around, and there ain't no place to go
Where you gonna hide?
When the hood starts watchin, and the boys got they eye on your safe
Where you gonna hide?
Ain't nowhere to run, and there ain't no hiding place

[Verse 2: Elzhi & Phonte]
Don't compare me to jokes
I'll strangle the air in your throat
Like you jump from a chair and choke
In mid-air from a rope
Got a big gun and carry a scope
The flare of the smoke
Keep niggas quiet like words that librarians spoke
I'm arrogant, outlandish
Blow your face out, and shake out the dandruff
The jakes won't make out the handprints
I'm as real as it gets, with the steel and the clips
Buck and make niggas duck, and kneel and do splits

It gets no realer than this
Its Tay and Elzhi dropping that definitive shit
This should have been a double album commemorative disc
Cause hip-hop might need us
And in your town, no telling where you might see us
My whole team coming through in tees and wife beaters
Out, doin their damn thing like beavers
Yo, its P to the H-O, I finish the job
Plus my Dominican Broad
Making me chili con queso

Work and plan a perfect verse
Then burst like a person
That jerked from a circus cannon
Then landed to the earth
Its me on the song, featured your fleet
Breathing as strong
It's a gypsy reading a palm
With a drawn heater
Never gone off the wrong reefer
A bong chief of the don
Ball as long as LeBron's bronze sneakers
Got ways of a thuggie, thinking I won't come and get you
Dressed like a bum with pistols and AK's in the buggy

And Tay is blazing it lovely, cause I'm one with the game
So I sat back, chilled, dropped Foreign Exchange
And a lot of rap niggas got lost
Heard Phontigga carrying tunes and assumed he don got soft
They didn't understand it was my next direction
So I'm playing postman and addressing questions
Like, yes I'm still a LB, no I'm not leaving
No I don't eat meat, but yes I'm still beefin
But all these wack niggas putting records out
This is all live nigga, check it out
LB, S Villa fam on a mission
And I ain't worried about people biting "Minstrel Show"
They still teething on "The Listening"


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  • Release information
    label: Atlantic
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 075678378324
    script: Latin