Who Sang Reign Array? Liturgy

Liturgy The Ark Work cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-3-23
length: 10:27
guest violin: Caley Monahon-Ward
vocal: Hunter Hunt-Hendrix
mixer: Jonathan Schenke
arranger: Hunter Hunt-Hendrix
additional producer: Frank Musarra
guitar: Hunter Hunt-Hendrix and Bernard Gann
additional engineer: Frank Musarra
programming: Hunter Hunt-Hendrix
guest bagpipe: Andrew Forbes
drums (drum set): Greg Fox
bass guitar: Tyler Dusenbury
composer: Hunter Hunt-Hendrix
lyricist: Hunter Hunt-Hendrix
I killed the air
Surrounding the vines

I sold the will
For ten pages of lies
I broke the hive
Pink infants stomped around

I rode the lane
To the program of light

Lay aside the elegant prayers of the fragile
Altercation with another bride
Tape along the conical zone of the golden
Coronation of the enterprise
Take the brand from parrying hands of the victor
Re-ignition of a better place
With a flame made up of manifold pains in the shoulders
Of the bronzed giants of yesterday

Reign along the celebration of the
Days of reconciliation with the
Brave whose epic tribulation in the cage
Undid the contribution to the pain
New celebration
Reign Array
Metastasization of the way

Recirculation of all the things you know
Uncovered lingam in the snow

Reign Array

Recirculation of all the things you know
Uncovered lingam in the snow

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