Who Sang Rise And Fall? LO

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Release Date: 2002-9
it's cold outside
why don't you come on in
we could break the ice
and a bottle of gin
i have my reasons for feeling the way i do
a whole bottle of reasons
i want to share that drink with you
yes i do
and my guitar says....

would it be okay
if i was the one to help you out?
see, we could play both dumb, we'd have a
little fun and forget why we go around
but she said 'no'
honestly you wanted me to see you
rise and fall
i woke up on the wrong side of my bed
she forgot to pray for a little help
to forgive and to forget
and we go over and over
there's no one left to blame
well she got so wise and starry-eyed
she wanted me to see her
rise and fall

suddenly she wanted me and
wrapped around my head
she can't get enough if she's not talking
see her rise and fall

rise and fall

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