Who Sang Aftermath? Logan Lynn

Release information
Release Date: 2006
length: 2:37
Ringing your doorbell with no reason in mind
I am afraid of myself
I wonder if you will be frightened
Then I see your face
Your sweet, sad eyes
And for a minute then I can forget about this
My fucked up life
And I can see you
I can see you

Yes, I can stay and smoke for a bit
And things inside look just lovely
I wonder if you are as lonely as I am
Then I see your face
Your glossed over eyes
And for a minute then I can forget about this
Our dying friendship
I can hear you crying
I can hear it

Three weeks and I'm still broken in half
Been eating ecstasy like it were candy
My spine can verify that
I've got to leave this place
Get lost in orbit
I wish for one minute I could be free of this mess
Because it is on it's way back
I can almost feel it
I can feel it...

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Here We Go Again
  • 3 Ring Around
  • 4 Come Home
  • 5 'til the Wheels Fall Off (dj Dabtronix Mix)
  • 6 Smoke and Barlight
  • 7 Monday Morning
  • 8 The Mothership
  • 9 Panic
  • 10 Meat
  • 11 You Think Like a Man
  • 12 A Place Behind the Sky
  • 13 Licking the Walls
  • 14 Aftermath
  • 15 Burning Your Glory
  • 16 Watch Me Die
  • 17 Show Me the World
  • 18 Pills With Smiling Faces
  • 19 The End of the Scene