Who Sang Long Ride Home? Long Since Forgotten

Release information
Release Date: 2004-1-27
Genre: Rock

Decisions that you make and remake escape the sense of reason. This season left you empty. They'll miss you when your gone, but it doesn't last for long. You've taken the light of the sun with you. Leaving it up to the ones who needed you. Memories fade and in time will be replaced by the will to move on into a better life. You're taking too much time again, deciding where you come from. We hope you get there quickly. On a bus that takes you home. It doesn't last for long

CD 1
  • 1 Prize Fighter
  • 2 Don't Ask Why
  • 3 Looking Glass
  • 4 On My Way
  • 5 The Getaway
  • 6 10:18, Press Return
  • 7 Waiting for You
  • 8 Broken Record
  • 9 Euclid Crashed
  • 10 Around Again
  • 11 Long Ride Home
  • 12 The Language of Nature
  • 13 Another Song