Lordian Guard - Children of the King Lyrics

release date: 1997
length: 5:21
Children of the King
We are in Christ, a new creation.
He is sovereign Lord and King
Of men and cherubim
He is our God, He is our glory.

By the riches of His grace,
Through His blood we have been saved
He was wounded for the sins of all the nations.
Ask the blind man who sees,
And the prisoner who is free
Who did deliver them from tyranny?

We are Children of the King
We follow Him
To Him we will sing our praise
For worthy is He who saves us!
Children of the Lamb, the God of man
Oh, we are Children of the King.

Track Listing
  • 1 Battle of the Living Dead
  • 2 Behold a Pale Horse
  • 3 Stygian Passage
  • 4 Golotha (The Place of the Skull)
  • 5 Father
  • 6 Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
  • 7 Children of the King