Who Sang Long Johns? Lords of Acid

Lords of Acid Deep Chills cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-4-10
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Bass Music/Techno/Electro/Industrial
length: 4:56
writer: Praga Khan, Glenn Engelen
My Man's A Hunk, Looking Nasty On His Bike
He Turns Me On When He Takes Me For A Ride
He's Looking Tough Wearing Tattoos On His Chest
But No-one Knows That He Loves To Be Crossdressed

My Guy's A Stud Training In The Gym All Day
Strutting His Stuff, Burning Fat And Lifting Weights,
He's Showing Off His Muscles Of Concrete
But No One Knows That He Is My Closet Queen

My Friend's A Beast He's A Super s__y Man
And All The Glrls Are Eatlng Out Of His Hand
He's Real Good-looking High Class At Its Best

My Man's A Boss He's My Big Shot CEO
So Full Of Style Shopping At Bravissimo
He's Such A Drag, But Far Away From Gay
He Gets His Klcks From Walklng In His Lingerie

Daddy Has A Secret He Wears Lingerie
Long Johns, Big Guns

My Guy's A b____ When We Go Out To The Town
Dressed Like A Ho He's The Hottest Trans Around
He Loves To Tease h____ Women Of All Age
He Flirts And Winks At The Strippers On The Stage

Ln Mini Skirts Dancing In His High Heel Shoes
Drunk As A Lord Wlth A Belly Full Of Booze
He Rules The Floor, He's A Well Respected Guest
And They Enjoy That He Loves To Be Crossdressed

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