Who Sang Infected? Los Sin Nombre

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length: 3:28
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So this is what you're waiting for, is this your solution
Screams are forming into acts of violence
Broken pieces of the trust, i trusted you
It's pathetic how I couldn't see
We were never meant to bee
I made a promise that I knew i couldn't keep
It's not the first time that this life has turned on me

Distress, a darkened memory all i have left
Sleppless nights make dakrness breed this venom
I curse the day I put my trust, my trust in you

  • 1 Ashes to Ashes
  • 2 Bleed
  • 3 Blind Leading Blind
  • 4 Breaking Silence
  • 5 Enemy
  • 6 Infected
  • 7 Our Daily Bread
  • 8 Passing Through
  • 9 Raised in Anger
  • 10 Taker of Innocence
  • 11 Wounds

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    label: ViciSolum
    script: Latin