Lost City Angels - Final Wish Lyrics

release date: 2005-4-5
genres: Rock
styles: Punk
length: 3:11
3 seconds and fade to black
The essence of space surrounds now
There's no chance I could take it back
And I saw this place just sit in silence
Upon memories of last embraces
This grey now turns to darkness
A void I'll never feel again

No feeling cause I ain't breathing

Our fallen star
It burned so cold
It's fragile hold
Has been lost forever
Our final wish
Upon these scars
Has failed so far
Now were lost together

Lights creeping into corners
Where dark thoughts come to lie
Reminded of that feeling
Transformed this hurt again
And I felt these chains
Just rip right through me
But I can't feel the pain
Deceived in sweet salvation
As my last breath slowly fades away

No feeling cause I ain't breathing


A false hope seen from a distance
Now slowly fades into black hope

And now I wait

[Chorus x2]

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Liberation
  • 2 Final Wish
  • 3 Pretty War
  • 4 Buried Dreams
  • 5 Faithless on the Floor
  • 6 Broken World
  • 7 I'm Trying
  • 8 Clutching at Shadows
  • 9 Lips
  • 10 Tonight's the Night
  • 11 Cuts and Blood
  • 12 Today's the Day
  • 13 Hardly Seems