Who Sang It Never Entered My Mind? Lou Rawls

Lou Rawls  cover art
Release information
length: 3:33
producer: Jay Graydon
piano: Jeremy Lubbock
lead vocals: Lou Rawls
double bass: Chuck Domanico
arranger: Jeremy Lubbock
drums (drum set): John Guerin
Once I laughed when I heard you saying
that I'd be playing solitaire,
uneasy in my easy chair.
It never entered my mind.
Once you told me I was mistaken,
that I'd awaken with the sun
and order orange juice for one.
It never entered my mind.
You have what I lack myself
and now I even have to scratch my back myself.

Once you warned me that if you scorned me
I'd sing the looser's prayer again
and wish that you where there again
to have you by my side again.
It never entered my mind.