Who Sang Forever Changed? Lou Reed / John Cale

John Cale Songs for Drella cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990-4-11
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Art Rock
length: 4:52
producer: John Cale and Lou Reed
mixer: Jeremy Darby, Mike Rathke, Lou Reed and John Cale
recording engineer: Jeremy Darby
assistant engineer: Greg Wong, Mike Rathke, Victor Deyglio and Mike Scaglione
composer: John Cale, Lou Reed
lyricist: John Cale, Lou Reed
Train entering the city - I lost myself and never came back
Took a trip around the world and never came back
Black silhouettes, crisscrossed tracks never came back

Forever changed, forever changed

You might think I'm frivolous, uncaring and cold
You might think I'm frivolous - depends on your point of view
Society Andy who paints and records them - the high and the low
I left my old life behind me and never went back
Forever changed, forever changed

Got to get to the city - get a job
Got to get some work to see me through
My old life's disappearing from view
Hong Kong - and I was changed
Burma and India - and I was changed
Only art to see me through
Only heart to see me through
My old life disappearing from view
Brigid and Pat - please see me through
The whole thing quickly receding
My life disappearing - disappearing from view
Forever changed, forever changed
I left my old life behind and was forever changed
Forever changed

CD 1
  • 1 Smalltown
  • 2 Open House
  • 3 Style It Takes
  • 4 Work
  • 5 Trouble With Classicists
  • 6 Starlight
  • 7 Faces and Names
  • 8 Images
  • 9 Slip Away (A Warning)
  • 10 It Wasn't Me
  • 11 I Believe
  • 12 Nobody but You
  • 13 A Dream
  • 14 Forever Changed
  • 15 Hello It's Me