Who Sang A New Lease on Life? Lovers

Release information
Release Date: 2004-5-4
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock
length: 4:01
I keep it written on a locket and pinned into my jacket
Pocket, these silver shapes who spell your name loom
Around. and I sing it to myself so I don't forget the
Sound. I took a chance on highway driving with the
Sadness packed in to the side of me that planted pills in
The beautiful garden I grew of love for you, oh how I
Watered it with tears so blue. see I knew a girl who
Never cried, so I painted my room the color of her eyes.
Like a fortress, or a blown up portrait in blue, or some
Strange womb or tearless tomb. it's easy now just forget
About it. I start again every day without it. with a new
Lease on life, I'll forget about it. but it's all around
Still. a new lease on life, I've forgotten, I've off-ed
It. I can see you through the window light. me and the
Shadow-kids go dumpster diving all for nothing, we'll
Still go hungry tonight. the world outside is silver-
White. but it's easy now to forget about it. I start
Again every day without it. I've a new lease on life, I'd
Forget about it but it's all around still. I've a new
Lease on life, I've forgotten. I promise. I promise.

CD 1
  • 1 Seven Years
  • 2 The Air You Breathe Is Full of Ghosts
  • 3 The First Law of Thermodynamics
  • 4 A New Lease on Life
  • 5 The Garden
  • 6 Kid Quiet
  • 7 Your Handwriting (A Porch Song)
  • 8 Oh Silent Night
  • 9 Fall Like Stars
  • 10 Season's Greetings