Who Sang Tiger Square? Lovers

Release information
Genre: Electronic Rock Pop
Style: Indie Rock
length: 4:01

You had me sorted out of everywhere
At Tiger Square
Baby Bear, I had your name behind my eyes that time – I…
You thought I was staging hunger games there in my chair but
I could swear I was just fine, just fine that time
You swim laps in the ocean by the park
I wave to you from the boardwalk
My mother said to keep away from there, from Tiger Square
But she's been gone now for so long. So long
I'm bleeding horse shoes. I'm stroking hair, I'm combing hair
I'm rusted metal. I'm fallen rock. I'm falling rocks
The captain calls the ocean from the dock
Tide she says
Tide she talks
If the image gets all twisted, untwist it
If the door gets unlocked, then it's unlocked
If the singing lifts your spirit, then sing it
Sing, talk, sing, talk, sing, talk talk talk talk
And every night that bleeds into the dawn
We come back together and then we move on
So don't be afraid, Babe
The goose with the truth is loose
Your animal face, your animal face has cues, clues, and you're cute
And oh, I see you oh
Oh I see you

CD 1
  • 1 Tiger Square
  • 2 Girl in the Grass
  • 3 The Modern Art Museum of the Modern Kiss Goodbye
  • 4 Oh Yeah
  • 5 Purple Sage
  • 6 Wander Through the Time of Hearts
  • 7 Lavender Light
  • 8 Rocketship
  • 9 James Baldwin & The Diagonal Trance
  • 10 Wild Horses