Who Sang Your Handwriting (A Porch Song)? Lovers

Release information
Release Date: 2004-5-4
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock
length: 3:46

All our saucers have broke in this little rocket home where we live like full-grown ghosts of twelve-year-olds, and i'm waiting for you, love, i got my heart all set up like a tug-boat toy you drag along, a tug-boat toy you drag along

Last night when i undressed, i drew a lighthouse on my chest and said a prayer for it by morning to have sunken and for a place we could talk, some stoop or some parking lot and a couple cinder blocks to sit on

Your handwriting is an even mix of your parent's influence, i hope i see it again

So i wait on the porch, hold this memory up like a torch and i think of the friend, draft a letter in my head. and her image clings like a cast to heal some fractured past, to heal my past

CD 1
  • 1 Seven Years
  • 2 The Air You Breathe Is Full of Ghosts
  • 3 The First Law of Thermodynamics
  • 4 A New Lease on Life
  • 5 The Garden
  • 6 Kid Quiet
  • 7 Your Handwriting (A Porch Song)
  • 8 Oh Silent Night
  • 9 Fall Like Stars
  • 10 Season's Greetings