Who Sang Alphabet Assassin? Lowkey feat. Faith SFX

Faith SFX Uncensored cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious
length: 4:25
candidly, cool calculated cannibal that causes carnage casually.

Diddy Didn't Do Diddly, Dead it, Did it with Dignity. You Dilly Dally and Diss from Distance Dig it I Disagree. You Did it for Digits, d******* Dummy I Do it Differently. I Define Deliberately Diligent Delivery.


Cause Everything is Everything it's Evidence my Essence is Every Element, Effortlessly Edit your Enterprise with Eloquence. Elevate with the Energy of Eminem, Every Entity that's Ever been a Enemy I'm Ending them.


The fact is I fracture factors to fragments fantastically, fibbers fabricate fallacies and find fantasy. I flip faithless fellas from fakers to flippin fans of me, flippantly famish and finish these fanatics factually.


Give gangsters gangrene and gain green gradually, grapple and gatecrash your gathering with a gang of Gs. Gallivanting geezers get guided to the galaxy, or gallows for gambling with a generals geniality.


Happily hack hackers that happen to have a hack with me like Hatton I'm habitually hazardous how it has to be. Hospitalise haters from Holland, Holloway or Hackney, hate hagglers and I hang 'em with a handkerchief.


Illustrius illustrator, illest in the industry, illicitly cause illiterate idiots injury. Impatient cause Illuminati impede my innovations, while ignorant imbeciles idolise my imitations.


I jack a jackal for his jacket and just jam, got jittery jockeys jabbering, Jamaica to Japan. Got jealous junkie jokers jabbing, January-to-January my journal is a journey just don't jinx my jiggy jamboree.


I'm the key, the king, the Kaiser, reminding my kin of karma. I'm a kangaroo keep in your kennel you curb koala, kidnapping kleptomaniacs since kindergarten, killer. Kitties will give their kidney for a kit kat or a kipper.


I'm the lyricist's lyricist, livid with little listeners, listen I'm loving living cause life is literally limited. My live lyrics lift lyricism levels luckily, til I leave the labyrinth of London and live in luxury.

Meanwhile my motives to motivate and mobilise my monster men, my missions to minimise misdemeanours, mere monuments of these midgets make me milli for minutes, I may be a mad Mongrel and a manic Mesopotamian maniac.


No my narratives, not for narcoleptic narcissists. Naive native nitwits natter negative nastiness. Numerous naughty nymphos niggle up to my navel, no, I neglect the negligee and navigate to Naples.


When I operate, obsolete opposition get obliterated. Often obese officers ogle as their occupation, obviously offing other obstacles is my obligation, originality over Oscar ovations.


Poisonous Poets, poised at the pulpit, pulverise poachers and pointless posers with potently poignant poems, practically panic. Paparazzi passive passengers planning to pack P's and prang patchy pampering pansies.


Quality over quantity, qualify quantum physics, I question quarrelly quacks and I quickly quadruple quizzes. A quarter get queasy and query with queer quotes though, these quirky quibblers get crippled like Quasimodo.


Righteous revolution ragamuffin repping reality, really rebelling, recruiting ready regiments rapidly. Remorseless renegade, riddims and records ripping radio, rapping rattlers really rally rating my ratio.


I separately severed several stupid students for steppin and still slewing sacrilegious super s*****s in seconds. Speak to Styz and savagely smack up studio sessions, suave swingers spitting sickest similes in seven.

Topped the talent and tenacious tendencies of Tyson, tipped as a terrifying terrorist tackling t**ans. Tokyo to Tennessee, taxing timid tourists, through turbulent times I tangle with total torment.


Understand I'm unbelievable, that's an understatement, uglifier, giving ultimatums to undertakers. Unanimous, undisputed, unfuckwithable, unforgiving to ugglesome uncles they're unoriginal.


Verbally violent and victims validate my visions, vaporising, vanish various vigilant villains. Vividly victorious over a variety of vixens, venomous viper vanquishes vampires with vengeance.


These wobbling wackos are just waiting to work for wages, my words are weapons willing to wage war on you wimpy wasters.


See thru you xenophobic x-men with an x-ray, x out xmas with an x-rated s** tape.


Yuppies are yapping, I'm yawning, yearning for yesterday, years when youngers played with yo-yo's not yet with yay.


I'm as zealous as Zeppelin and Zappa in my zones I zoom like Zoro I zap these zonking zebras, my zone's a zoo.

How many letters left?


CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Alphabet Assassin
  • 3 Home Is Where the Heart Is
  • 4 Freestyle 1
  • 5 Who REally Cares
  • 6 Just Shine
  • 7 Let Me Live
  • 8 Tell Me Why
  • 9 Don't Hide It
  • 10 Freestyle 2
  • 11 Revolution
  • 12 Wake Up
  • 13 Freestyle 3
  • 14 Read Between the Lines
  • 15 In My Lifetime
  • 16 Relatives
  • 17 Freestyle 4
  • 18 Bars for My Brother