Freestyle 4 Lyrics - Lowkey

Lowkey Uncensored cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious
length: 2:42

Okay, yeah. Lowkey, ni hao, BBC radio 1, Faith SFX, Voices of the voiceless off itunes featuring immortal technique now

I munch rappers when I rhyme about to eat dinner
Depending on the beat, I might just speak quicker
Your mate thinks he's sicker, lowkey he's iller
Don't smoke hashish, but trust me I'm a weedkiller
When I'm on the track, I cause an avalanche
Give rappers scars and slap a chatter back to mars
I stand out and you're just like camouflage;
I'm way too fast they say I need a tachograph
Man are mad at me cos I grapple and batter graphically
I smash the beat and push buttons like haberdashery
I got the baddest flow, everything I rap you quote
I'm plain sailing and I don't need a narrow boat
These days, CJs better get their teeth straight
Lowkey, do everything he says
Cos when it's on, you know you need a replay
I eat rappers each day like cheesecake
BBC wanna know if I can freestyle
I make rappers get police on the speedial
Punchlines hit so hard it knocks teeth out
It's deep how, I can speak loud like Steve Stoute
I rock a kaffiyeh, not a top shop tea towel
Big up to ni hao, I appreciate the reach out
Voices of the voiceless, I gotta give a brief shout
That's me bruv, I'm done, brother, peace out

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