Who Sang Let Me Live? Lowkey

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Release Date: 2009
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious
length: 3:54
This is for those who died on the 7th of July, passed tragically
and the many more that are gettin' killed in Iraq as we speak
Our bombs that we taxpayers are paying for
everyday we're slaving more, you're wrong saying we aint at war
56 losses that's what intelligence said
In Iraq, they'll never tell us how many are dead
And In the event that's up to our government
They don't show the numbers, (Why?) 'cos the public can't stomache it
How can you represent truth & freedom
when you're pillaging & killing innocent humanbeings
That is something Iraqi youths are used to seeing
So tell me truly, what do you believe in?
They've been telling us lies for years, still we wanna listen
The public got a shield for the guilty politician
Now at the end of the day, why are they sharing their views?
'cos I never seen The Queen or Tony Blair on the tube


Let me live my life
With your your predjudice
Why am I getting frisked, I aint no terrorist
Let me live my life
Evidence is irrelevant 'cos we're a threat and defence will get rid of it
Ever since September 11 they've been obsessed, opression is what's happening
Let me live my life
Forget arrest on the spot, death sentence, leave my people alone, just let them live

These days we can't even bop through Oxford Circus
without pointless coppers tryin to stop and search us
what's the purpose, why you wanna bother me
Increase security? Pff, tell them to fix up their foreign policy
I can't even sit on the tube with my walkman and listen to tunes
without them getting suspicious and rude
Watching closely at the things that I do
why are you so intrested b____, Im probably more british than you
Gotta talk safe on the phone, for years I had the same digits
with _ try n take you to court for a train ticket
Don't argue, just listen instead
ID Card a step closer to a chip in your head
there's a bomb scare,
they ask me, what? Where? Who? Why?, It's not fair
How many muslims have blonde hair and blue eyes
so think twice
Of who you try to bother
You're just as likely to be that suicde bomber


Police shot an innocent man, 5 times in the head
No militant plan, just died 'cos he ran crying and fled
Do they really want us to riot and ride on these feds?
Yea maybe violence will have the desired effect
The other day a man got shot on the tube It's ill
If you were his fam, Imagine how you would feel
On the news, you never see the truth reveal
face it the truth is muslim racists that they shoot to kill
It's all gone wild, they got us locked down in compounds
Evidence is not found, no trial, this needs to stop now
And they got the nerve, to say we're hostile
Forget crackhouses, they're raiding Mosques now
I wish I could say that the future's bright
But It's not and It can't so I choose to fight
What have you got in your heart blud, you decide
'cos everyday they're abusing our human rights


CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Alphabet Assassin
  • 3 Home Is Where the Heart Is
  • 4 Freestyle 1
  • 5 Who REally Cares
  • 6 Just Shine
  • 7 Let Me Live
  • 8 Tell Me Why
  • 9 Don't Hide It
  • 10 Freestyle 2
  • 11 Revolution
  • 12 Wake Up
  • 13 Freestyle 3
  • 14 Read Between the Lines
  • 15 In My Lifetime
  • 16 Relatives
  • 17 Freestyle 4
  • 18 Bars for My Brother

  • Release information
    label: SO Empire
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 886470754731
    script: Latin