Who Sang Sidewalks of the City? Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams Sweet Old World cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1992-8-25
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country Rock
length: 3:45
lead vocals: Lucinda Williams
mixer: Dusty Wakeman
electric guitar: Duane Jarvis
recording engineer: Dusty Wakeman
background vocals: Gurf Morlix
membranophone & percussion: Donald Lindley
additional engineer: Michael Dumas
acoustic guitar: Lucinda Williams
mastering: Eddy Schreyer
electric bass guitar & double bass: John Ciambotti
acoustic guitar & electric guitar & mandolin & dobro & lap steel guitar & pedal steel guitar: Gurf Morlix
composer: Lucinda Williams
lyricist: Lucinda Williams
As you walk along the sidewalks of the city
You see a man with hunger in his face
And all around you crumbling buildings and graffiti
As you bend down to tie your shoelace

Sirens scream but you don't listen
You have to reach home before night
But now the sun beats down it makes the sidewalks glisten
And somehow you just don't feel right

Hold me, baby, give me some faith
Let me know you're there let me touch your face
Give me love give me grace
Tell me good things tell me that my world is safe

You pass by bars with empty stages
Three o'clock drinkers fall by
Chairs are placed on top of tables
As you brush the hair out of your eyes

A woman stops you with a question
So you drop some money in her hand
She sleeps in doorways and bus stations
And you'll never understand

Hold me, baby, give me some faith
Give me love give me grace
Tell me good things tell me that my world is safe

CD 1
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  • 2 Something About What Happens When We Talk
  • 3 He Never Got Enough Love
  • 4 Sweet Old World
  • 5 Little Angel, Little Brother
  • 6 Pineola
  • 7 Lines Around Your Eyes
  • 8 Prove My Love
  • 9 Sidewalks of the City
  • 10 Memphis Pearl
  • 11 Hot Blood
  • 12 Which Will