Who Sang Geek? Lucky 7

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Genre: Rock
Style: Pop Punk/Punk
length: 2:25
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Every time I meet a girl
She's in love
With someone else
And why is it
That my life is in a whirl
When she is out
With someone else
Why is it
That I care about
Every word you say
And just yesterday
You said we were through
And why is it
That I think about you all time
You're always on my mind
It won't be long
And I'm sure that it's right
But not for you
And today I'll be okay
It's just the price
I have to pay for loving you
When you come around
I think of our song
And it makes a difference to me
Because every time you hang up
It's a feeling, like a break up
You take a piece of me

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