Who Sang Mirror, Mirror? Lucky Dube

Release information
Writer(s): Lucky Dube
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Reggae
Style: Roots Reggae
length: 4:56
producer: Lucky Dube
mixer: Dave Segal
engineer: Dave Segal
arranger: Lucky Dube
assistant engineer: Kentse Mphahlwa
Billy old Billy [x2]
Man with the words of wisdom
They found his long black coat
On the banks of the river
'Cause he never came back
In it's pocket they found notes
He' d written some time ago
About his so called friends
It read...
Love all your friends
But never trust any one of them
Which got me thinking about
My very own friends

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the deadliest of them all
I ask you now-tears in my eyes

Billy old Billy [x2]
Man with the words of wisdom
See them coming
Hear them talk
Never believe a word they say
He told me one day
Even behind the smile
That he wore on his wrinkled face
You could see the scars
Of hurt from the past
Which got me thinking of
My very own so called friend


CD 1
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  • 2 Taxman
  • 3 Is This the Way
  • 4 Take It to Jah
  • 5 Mirror, Mirror
  • 6 We Love It
  • 7 You've Got a Friend
  • 8 Kiss No Frog
  • 9 Well Fed Slave/Hungry Free Man
  • 10 Good Things
  • 11 Release Me
  • 12 I Want to Know What Love Is