Who Sang Break Sumthin'? Ludacris , Shawnna , Lil’ Fate , 2 Chainz and I-20

I-20 Golden Grain cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-9-17
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap/Bounce
length: 4:38
[Chorus: x2]
I'm 'bout to break sumthin'
Break sumthin', take sumthin'
Break sumthin', break sumthin', take sumthin'
I'm 'bout to break sumthin'
Break sumthin', take sumthin'
Break sumthin', got ya saying ahhh ****!

Yea, Fe, Fi, Foe, Fum
I smell an ounce of that good and a fifth of rum
Ain't no mistakin' Shady Park is where I'm flippin' from
It's so Shady my old lady gotta' keep a couple guns

You get the runs and I ain't talkin' about the bowel system
I'm talking bleeding, hurry wrap 'em in a towel system
Get the **** out now system
It's animosity, curiosity, robbery
Probably the reason why theirs no stoppin' me 'till you cop a plea

Man, see now these *****es want to **** wit Shawnna
When I bump that thang and keep a pocketbook of marijuana
Better keep that mouth out my business
'Cause I got that 50 for ya

And I'm off the whip in this ***** and somebody shoulda' told ya
I'm drinkin' Remy and these *****es lookin' at me shady
They must don't know that I'm that ***** that smoke 'em in the face
Better take me up out the club cause I'm about to break
And all *****es and thugs know how we operate
We 'bout that take *****


Little Shorty from G-Roll
On the hustle to see six figures or more
Whether rappin' or pimpin' hoes
I'm high capping the gold
And I know I made them boys sick when I popped up on 24's

You see me diggin' in my gold
I'm a ghetto bastard and when I'm smokin' on 'dro
I get the munchies directly after
I made doe by offing hoes in transactions
You see I stay on Riverdale Road
But I'll meet you up on Naston

'Cause in the south side partner we break you off proper
And the doctors can't help ya when the guns go block-ah
Time to notify the pastor ya family you'll mourn after
Yea the day after your ashes get scattered
You're all out next batter

I don't need no approval for poodles 'cause I'm a fool dog
Get to fighting in clubs and swing with pool balls
Shorty raw, walking by I try to grab sumthin'
If you don't say sumthin' I'm gon' take sumthin'


Blow you to bits and pieces
My *****s with Caprices
A Gucci bucket, Polo down with the heavy creases

I'm East Side, Scottsdale throw it up dog
I got them rocks by your block throw it up y'all
Slingers, 'dro, and pampus
Let's get it poppin' doctor

Mack 10, AK's when we shoot those choppers
My *****s ridin' hard, my *****s hot and hard
I-20 will bust some fo's so get down boy


Break sumthin', take sumthin'

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  • Release information
    label: Disturbing tha Peace
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 044006320526
    script: Latin