Who Sang Love? Lyn Paul

Release information
Release Date: 1975
Sometimes I want you as a dream you dream

I like to kiss your sleepy face
I lie there and pray

You'll never ever go away

No one could take your place..

And in the morning when you smile "Hello"

I feel the sunshine in my heart

My love isn't blind

I'll never ever change my mind

I'd die if should leave..
Ooh love you are everything

You're the song I sing your music is forever

Love I had never heard such your lovely word

A word that means together

Love I will give to you and I will be true

Until my life is over
You can't make my world go round

And I'll never let you down my only love..

The day I look at you my life begun

You gave me reason to be here

My heart seems to know

You never ever let me go

I always have you made..

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Finally Freedom
  • 2 It Must Be Love
  • 3 Better Late Than Never
  • 4 Give Me Time
  • 5 Love
  • 6 Llewellyn
  • 7 It Oughta Sell a Million
  • 8 Mellow Down
  • 9 He's Got a Way
  • 10 Song Without End
  • 11 I Could Get Arrested
  • 12 Just in Case