Who Sang Empire? Mac

Mac Shell Shocked cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998
length: 2:56
[Mac talking]
Cut that ?simply? track off
Give me a little volume in my headphones
Turn the mic up a little bit ***** I can't here myself
What? What?
Its ?Macadon? off in this ************
Feel it

First of all, ***** **** y'all y'all *****s ain't ****
I'm the one who slash rappers and be ****ing they *****
I hate rappers who hate other rappers for making it
Record labels be dickin *****s, *****s just be takin it
Fakin it with videos, with pretty hoe's and limos
But callin No Limit tryin submit them ****in demos
Fake *** *****s be hollin "keep it real"
I got family *****, Keep it real to them god damn bills
I give a ****, bout hip-hop the culture of the call
This **** is watered down like a scene from Jaws
I done been through all the phases,
Tampered with all the styles,
*****s done soldier hated,
Mac retaliated
Tell them *****s in back with semi-autos
You dis me on wax, you might not see tomorrow
I'm like Zorro, I mark D.F.M on they back
[And what's that] That mean don't **** wit Mac
They should've told you I was nothing nice
As a matter of fact they should've told you I was nothing nice twice
My rollie was dipped in ice, my g-ride was payed out
Crib was laid out before my record was out
Most of y'all go gold and never see a bank roll
A hundred g's in the hole cause you sold your soul
when your broke, your yellin at TRU to hip-hop ****
I'm known damn well all you *****s tryin to get rich
East, west, middle, south ***** we all the same
We all speak the same **** but with different type of slang
So the next ***** talk about we country and weak
I hope his momma catch cancer and die in her sleep

1-2-1-2 you get your crew, I get my crew and we can do what real *****s

1-2-1-2 you get your boo, I get my boo and they can do what real *****es

[Mac talking]
The camouflage assassin
The no Limit empire strikies back for all the haters
We're No Limit Soldiers, I thought I told ya x7
We're No Limit **********ing soldiers

CD 1
  • 1 Boss Chick
  • 2 Be All You Can Be
  • 3 Soldier Party
  • 4 Murda, Murda, Kill, Kill
  • 5 Tank Dogs
  • 6 Slow Ya Roll
  • 7 We Don't Love Em
  • 8 Wooo
  • 9 Can I Ball
  • 10 Money Gets
  • 11 The Game
  • 12 Callin Me
  • 13 Memories
  • 14 Meet Me at the Hotel
  • 15 Shell Shocked
  • 16 Paranoid
  • 17 Nobody Make a Sound
  • 18 Beef
  • 19 Camouflage
  • 20 Empire
  • 21 My Brother
  • 22 Shell Shocked (outro)