Who Sang Meet Me at the Hotel? Mac

Mac Shell Shocked cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998
length: 4:16
[in the background]
I hope your all 'bout it, don't be playin' no games
***** tryin' to do something, for real

You can meet me at the hotel s.a.p.
I hope you got your girls cus I got my dawgs with me (4x)

Now I'm gon' be in room 7-3-0 cus I'm a leo
I like 'emm black brown and creole, you know my stee lo
Soon as we touch down in your town, peep it
My first question, is were dem gimps at, ain't no secret
We some g's and we like to get pleased, with no beginners
When you finished with me, my ***** forty got winners
Big swolls, he fresh off parole, he like 'emm slim with gold
Big herb he like thick with a mini-skirts
I got my camouflaged drawz, and my rubbers
Make sure you bring a extra gimp for my lil' brother, it's goin' down
I know you got your soldier **** on
Cus you been talkin' you bout it on that phone, you heard me

[chorus 4x]

[? ? ]
So you saw me on stage, girl you in a rage
Tryin' to turn tha page, before I put you in this gimp cage
What's you age, 21, hell yah
Tell ya moms' to watch your son, tell your man tonight that you can't
I'm a virgo don't pass me, they say I'm nasty
Come to room 19, lets break my wet dream
My **** spot, ask them hoes in augusta how to serve rock (ha ha ha)

Were's your whole fleet, it's mr. magic, tha casanova
Known for my smooth way for askin' you *****es over
Would you like some dom perignon, while I'm smokin' my ? cong?
Cus I'm thinkin' of takin' the ***** home baby
I ain't trippin', **** I trick on the sleek
Just a flash of my ? see-nose? and your ready to get bent
This experiment, I wanna see how loud you can scream
I fill your biggest dreams in room 8-16

[chorus 4x]

[mia x]
It's goin' down room 7-3-0, at 7:30
I play the game boy, low-down and dirty, you heard me
This ***** told me to bring my girls, but I ain't got no friends
Instead my head I'm goin' solo for dough though and jackin' ends
He think he gettin nasty, he gon' be assed out
? ? ? ? beat it real quickly then he pass out
I gets my shine on diamond studded ***** decor
And rhyme ***** *** line go **** a storm door

Now baby girl, I got a 8:30 flight
So uhh, if this is goin' down, it's gotta happen tonight
And baby doll, don't fight (don't fight) it's kinda tight
Look, you know what I like, aight
I'm a soldier, you probly knew that, so were your crew at
Me and my *****s wanna see how y'all hoes do that
I'm tryin' to do something, he tryin' to
Were they at boo, say you, you tryin' to do something too?

Let's get it on we wanna bone
Got a case of dom perignon
And a half a zone
So lets get it on (4x)

CD 1
  • 1 Boss Chick
  • 2 Be All You Can Be
  • 3 Soldier Party
  • 4 Murda, Murda, Kill, Kill
  • 5 Tank Dogs
  • 6 Slow Ya Roll
  • 7 We Don't Love Em
  • 8 Wooo
  • 9 Can I Ball
  • 10 Money Gets
  • 11 The Game
  • 12 Callin Me
  • 13 Memories
  • 14 Meet Me at the Hotel
  • 15 Shell Shocked
  • 16 Paranoid
  • 17 Nobody Make a Sound
  • 18 Beef
  • 19 Camouflage
  • 20 Empire
  • 21 My Brother
  • 22 Shell Shocked (outro)

  • Release information
    label: Priority Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin