Who Sang Soldier Party? Mac

Mac Shell Shocked cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998
length: 3:22
[Master P] (Mac)

Ughhhh! Oh yeah *****.

Representin fool.

No Limit for life fool.

Them *****s think it's a game Mac?

(Soldier rags on in the ***** ya heard me?)

Don't play no games fool.


[Master P & Mac]

***** get off me! **** them *****s!

***** get off me! **** them *****s!

Where the hot boys at?

***** get off me! **** them *****s!

Where the hot girls at?

***** get off me! **** them *****s!

Where them hot girls at?

[Chorus 1]

Them hoes don't like that!

Say what?

Them hoes don't like that!

Say what, say what?

Them hoes don't like that!

Hot *****, what!

Them hoes don't like that!

Say what, what?

[Chorus 2]

Say ***** better have my money! Where they at? X 4

[Chorus 3]

Boot up or shut up! **** them *****s!

Boot up or shut up! **** them *****es!

X 2

[Chorus 4]

Hoes twerk somethin! *****s show your soldier rags! X 4


They probably told you I'm a soldier and I'm from uptown

I know you heard about the way I sling the iron when I come


That's Mac, that's the *****, boy them hoes be actin

Want me to be your baby daddy since you heard I was rappin

But that coochie ain't nothin but meat on the bone

You gotta twerk it up and serve it up and leave it alone

And when you done pass it to me, or pass it to P

And let a real ***** hit em with some Ghetto D

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 4]

[Master P]

I'ma hog on these streets so I live my life fast

I'm that ***** from the South, told them hoes Bounce They ***

Don't play no games, unless you want to get popped

I'm a No Limit soldier so the Party Don't Stop

So represent your hood if you're Bout It Bout It

A ***** went world wide, still rowdy rowdy

And them hoes don't like that, say what

But I'm a third ward ***** and I don't give a ****

So pass me them thangs, Let's Get Em

Your baby mama want the Hook Up so I hit em

I'm in a 600 Benz, Mac in a 4 point 6

Left them hoes at the hook up sayin "Throw that *****!"

Now the party's buck wild and we don't care

Pass the Hennesey and Weed, that's How Ya Do Dat There

[Chorus 1 - 4]

CD 1
  • 1 Boss Chick
  • 2 Be All You Can Be
  • 3 Soldier Party
  • 4 Murda, Murda, Kill, Kill
  • 5 Tank Dogs
  • 6 Slow Ya Roll
  • 7 We Don't Love Em
  • 8 Wooo
  • 9 Can I Ball
  • 10 Money Gets
  • 11 The Game
  • 12 Callin Me
  • 13 Memories
  • 14 Meet Me at the Hotel
  • 15 Shell Shocked
  • 16 Paranoid
  • 17 Nobody Make a Sound
  • 18 Beef
  • 19 Camouflage
  • 20 Empire
  • 21 My Brother
  • 22 Shell Shocked (outro)