Who Sang The Game? Mac

Mac Shell Shocked cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998
length: 2:58
What ***** drop that ****
Soldier, say K-L
These fake *** rap *****z thought I lost it yet
I'm bout to let these old ***** *** *****z know I got a game in my vein

Verse 1: Mac
Murda murda I wrote it in braile
Uncut, lyrical dope, certified by my scale
The homicide rapper, there'll never be another after
The Mac's rapture, I represent, that's what I'm on the map for
Who the **** gonna **** with the scandalous
1-8-7 on these motha****in amateurs of rap
Feel the wrath of a ***** who bust
Makin my clique the ****, *****es want to discuss
?Platonic?, the lyrical killins don't got no motives
In this, in my vein, ain't no way I can control it
When this inside of me is as deadly as them *****s
You know the ones who killed them boys and dumped the body in the river
I enter the place, ski mask covered my face
If they pass me the mic, I'm gonna catch a case
In this motha****a ya heard of me
?T-T and herb hit the spot?
All the *****s I know is Shell Shocked

Chorus: Mac
I got the game in my vein
Won't change
I got the game in my vein
Won't change
I got the game in my vein
Won't change
I got it, I got it

Verse 2: Mac
I was born in it and represented
The sinister words of murder was the sons of *****es who was wit it
Never die, my motto, fatigue my sheet
Big Wise that's my *****, Psycho Ward is my clique
Affiliated with cash, got my foot on the gas
Tailgatin real fast, through my sun roof my verbal gun shoot
Them scriptures, paint the pictures
We believe was cops tryin to catch me like receivers
Scream my name, to all these *****es who be hard to tame
Momma said it's a shame, poppa gave me the game
Experience a soldier, my heart pumps battle fluid
You want to go to war let's get to it
Mac-a-don, put you on teflon style of murder
Deadly as the killer kyle in your hamburger
Till they bury me black, wrapped up in street camo
I rock the microphone strapped off with street ammo

Chorus: Mac
I got the game in my vein
Won't change
I got the game in my vein
Won't change
I got the game in my vein
Won't change
I got the game in my vein
Won't change

Verse 3: Mac
I'm the bad ***** from the bricks
Blood on my kicks
Camoflauged *****s never die, we drop hits
I spit the gospel, to all of my motha****in apostles
Mac as potent as the coke snortin in your nostrils
I minister, words of a motha****in sinister
Transform into Liu Kang and finish ya
***** put me in the game I'ma show you my sports
Witness the street level on the be -ball court
***** I'ma die wit it, cause it's a part of my vein
Hear that word camoflauge when you hear my name
So tell them *****s I'm back affiliated, enemy lines are penetrated
My *****s wit me
You cook me up, put me in the pipe, hit me
Spread me in every ghetto, every city, I get busy
And buck, my name Mac remember that, I drop rhymes
***** it's Mac as if you missed it the first time *****
Woah 7x

CD 1
  • 1 Boss Chick
  • 2 Be All You Can Be
  • 3 Soldier Party
  • 4 Murda, Murda, Kill, Kill
  • 5 Tank Dogs
  • 6 Slow Ya Roll
  • 7 We Don't Love Em
  • 8 Wooo
  • 9 Can I Ball
  • 10 Money Gets
  • 11 The Game
  • 12 Callin Me
  • 13 Memories
  • 14 Meet Me at the Hotel
  • 15 Shell Shocked
  • 16 Paranoid
  • 17 Nobody Make a Sound
  • 18 Beef
  • 19 Camouflage
  • 20 Empire
  • 21 My Brother
  • 22 Shell Shocked (outro)