Who Sang We Don't Love Em? Mac

Mac Shell Shocked cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998
length: 3:12
[Mac Talking]
Yeah KLC DJ Wop it's all about them hoes
I know my ***** Wop don't love them hoes
My ***** KL he ain't loving them hoes
My ***** Cult definitely ain't loving them hoes
y'all what's up with this Mac ***** feel it

To all the *****es hoes and all that ****
Running around with them tights on trying to find them tricks
Running behind that **** chasing *****s with brand names
I see you tight coming you making it harder for the right woman
Off in the club giving rappers a hug
Trying to get some love letting them put their hands on your glove
Off in the limo you and that slim hoe
They hit the *** and let their partner and them know
So now you on they demo
They wrote a rhyme about cha
They told the world how they got that out cha
All up in the mouth too you with the groupie route boo
They made you famous your man has got to be your *****
He saw the video tape and said all man that ain't ****
Instead of ending it he defending it I'll give you that much
Either he lame or your ***** is pure gold with diamond clusters
But he a buster cause everybody ****ed you
But he the only one saying he love you
Woo you's a

Hoes hoes You know I'm bout them hoes hoes
But I don't love them hoes hoes hoes hoes
Wop don't love them hoes hoes
KL don't love them hoes hoes
Fiend don't love them hoes hoes
Coonts don't love them hoes
Check this out

I seen her in the house in blue shaking her ***
Winking her eye at every ***** who passed
Trying to fell that glass put his pants back
The *** fat but you asked backwards
A trip with a simple effect even don't have to
Simple things you be after you caught up in the rapture
Me and my ***** point at you with laughter
But get down or try to understand you world
And what it did to make you such a shallow *** girl
I know you laid with this ***** that you met last night
You ****ing him because his white Land Cruiser's looking tight
Stroking telling you that it was love at first sight
But you don't realize that it was love for the night
Now you at the crib crying you sick of all them *****s lying
But you the one that's doing all the lying
Supplying the cat to all the *****s that be trying to mack
On the celia you wants to be real familiar

Now back at the spot where the champagne pop
You in the club corner getting wet in some rain drop
It's common to you so you except it
It's unknown how many *****s you done slept with

We don't love them hoes hoes
We don't love them hoes hoes hoes hoes
I'm bout them hoes
Check it hoes

My ***** slim I let them hoes know I'm from the 3rd yo
My name is Macadon and I'll get all up in em' slow
I gives a **** I get bucked ***** what
My ***** DJ Wop told me to let them *****s know what's up
My girl Storm she definitely in the house
I'm from uptown so you *****s know I got all the clout
Murder murder kill kill

CD 1
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  • 2 Be All You Can Be
  • 3 Soldier Party
  • 4 Murda, Murda, Kill, Kill
  • 5 Tank Dogs
  • 6 Slow Ya Roll
  • 7 We Don't Love Em
  • 8 Wooo
  • 9 Can I Ball
  • 10 Money Gets
  • 11 The Game
  • 12 Callin Me
  • 13 Memories
  • 14 Meet Me at the Hotel
  • 15 Shell Shocked
  • 16 Paranoid
  • 17 Nobody Make a Sound
  • 18 Beef
  • 19 Camouflage
  • 20 Empire
  • 21 My Brother
  • 22 Shell Shocked (outro)