Who Sang Hellenes Do Not Fight Like Heroes, Heroes Fight Like Hellenes? Macabre Omen

Macabre Omen Gods of War - At War cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-3-4
length: 7:24
In a time when heroes would not use words but force...

An imminent barbaric invasion can be altered.
City - States unite, Hellenes join the fight
to secure existence and prevail over foreign elements.
I shall travel to the farthest of temples to seek advice
and win this battle with the blessing of the Gods.
With my trusted sword in hand and thy almighty of blessings,
guide us oh, Priestess into what shall be the penultimate Hellenic dream.
A land to withstand history and the course of time in order to become...

Athens is on fire!
I have seen a thousand ships, on one of them was me.
I fought on the side of the Hellenes, 300 men following.
Life is a distant memory, I welcome it without fear
but in the end of my days I shall take with me, the barbaric lives of all of thee!

Hail! To the Ones that shall never obey.
Hail! To the Ones that shall never betray.
Unsung heroes you forever remain,
in my mind in the blood of my veins.
And in that very moment in time, they all came as One.
History will repeat itself, one day that day will come.

Athens is on fire!
Use of ships will bring us power.
Athens is on fire!

Hellenes do not fight like heroes, heroes fight like Hellenes.
If fear of death is for cowards, why is this life not what it seems?

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