Who Sang I See, the Sea? Macabre Omen

Macabre Omen Gods of War - At War cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-3-4
length: 7:43
"I know..."

Oh... I see, the sea!
Winds that carry what is left of me.
And deliver but a handful of dust.
To the Island of Helios. To the Land that once was.
The sky darkens or so it seems.
What was reality is now but a dream.
Times that felt aeons were moments that passed.
Who says eternity would last only Once?

I summon thee, Telchines,
Spirits of the sea. To let my spirit free.
Accept these gifts as a token of respect.
To exalt my being and let my spirit be...
One with its master, in line with the Sun.
Roam through the ancient skies but also on land.
The power of the ages, a brief moment in time.
This is eternity, it is mine.

Thanatae, lead the way. May the rites of passage take my soul away.
Mortal, I do not fear death.
It is of no concern to me.
For when I exist, death is not
and when death is present I do not exist.
If anything, death should fear me.
I know that my time has come to be free.
Now, that I see, the sea!

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