Who Sang Man of 300 Voices? Macabre Omen

Macabre Omen Gods of War - At War cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-3-4
length: 8:53
Now that the war-dance is over,
lead us into war, Leonidas
and guide us to our fall.
I shall fall into the Kingdom of Hades
And ensure I take with me,
Worthless lives of those who stand in between...
The past, the present and the future
What once was and what shall be.

Let them crawl through the narrow passage and suffer a slow death.
One by one every man shall fall, send their Kingdom back where it belongs.

300 stay behind and fight
"300 times their size".
Their fall was what none others saw,
they only heard their calls.
Leonidas represents
a horrid situation.
Voices screaming war within declaration
"Declaration of War"!
The Sun aligns with the Moon.
Gaia drowns in darkness.
Zeus wrath in form of thunder,
By his father`s laughter.
Life will be no more,
Only cold and silence.
Day shall turn to night, from the arrows in the sky.
From the arrows in the sky, day shall turn to night.
Swords, blood, death and war,
One by One, 300 shall fall.
The songs that I attack (with)
Will be the songs that take my soul...
To the Kingdom of the Gods.

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