Who Sang Killing Life? Machiavel

Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 7:06
I close my eyes
I hear my heart crying
I'm on my own, travelling so deep
I feeling that all, Imagine that all we need is love
My demon lies
My Angel cries
Who's lying ?

When blows the wind
We don't need wings
To imagine that all, and dreaming that all ...

On the screen
Cruel scenes
The end of the world
Voices turn me on
Shouting they're wrong
Crying they don't know
What they're doing,
Killing the truth
Only to use
The power they need
To control everything
without reaching the end
With a smile upon their faces
killing the moon & the sun , killing life
Feeling that all
Into my dreams (In my dreams)
I see the scene
A brand new world
Voices turn me on
Saying you're strong
Shouting you don't know
What you can do
Sharing the truth
Only to use
The power of love
With the trees, with the sky
With the dark & the light
With a smile upon her face
Shining high up the mountains, with life

CD 1
  • 1 Time Is Like a River
  • 2 Wild as the Wind
  • 3 You're the Woman
  • 4 Dreams and Fascination
  • 5 Breathe
  • 6 Take All the Moments
  • 7 Killing Life
  • 8 The Real Show
  • 9 Save My Soul
  • 10 Out of You
  • 11 Clowns
  • 12 So Long