Who Sang Roaming With Ghosts? Machiavel

Release information
Release Date: 2005
length: 5:25
(R.De Greef / M. Ysaye / M. Guccio / T. Plas / H. Borbe)

No time to do It., with the wind she's gone
I even got no time to feel my own life, roaming with ghosts
No time feel It., with the wind I'll go
And each word she signs burns my whole life

All alone, I won't stay; I just need her on my way, tonight!
No time to do it, many people around
I just listen to the roses, in my mind

I'm alone, on my way; I'll erase all my days, tonight!


No time to do It.,
with the wind I'll go
After all, no time to feel, my whole life! I'm roaming with ghosts

CD 1
  • 1 Chronic Love
  • 2 Running Around
  • 3 Watching the Time
  • 4 The Might Is Right
  • 5 River of Shame
  • 6 Washing Their Hands
  • 7 Ronny Runs
  • 8 Black Snow
  • 9 She's a Snake
  • 10 Wondering
  • 11 Your Shoulder
  • 12 Hearing the Rain
  • 13 Roaming With Ghosts