Who Sang The Moment? Machines of Grace

Machines of Grace Machines of Grace cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009
length: 4:39
Staring at the Dark
Thinking What Have I Been Looking for
Drifting Along on Wasted Days
What Could Be Ahead
Hope It's More than
What's Been Left Behind
Heading for a New Day
Walking Blind
Never Said I Could Explain
How the World Was Gonna Change
Feeling All Alone
But Knowing I Could Never Wait
It's All in the Moment
All That We're Living for
Every Minute of Precious Time
It's All in the Moment
All That We'll Ever Need
Reaching Out for What We Feel

There Out on the Edge
In a Whirlwind Going Onward
Picking Up the Pieces as They Fall
Coming Back to Earth
After Dreaming on a Fantasy
wondering If Those Dreams
Could Help Me See
Remember When We Had It All
Now It's All We Can Do Brace the Fall
Moving Through the Years
We Made It Through the Tears
Walking Through This World Apart

  • 1 Just a Game
  • 2 Psychotic
  • 3 Fly Away
  • 4 Innocence
  • 5 The Moment
  • 6 Prelude
  • 7 Between the Lines
  • 8 This Time
  • 9 Breakdown
  • 10 Soul to Fire
  • 11 Promises
  • 12 Bleed
  • 13 Better Days
  • 14 This Time (acoustic)