Machines of Loving Grace - Ancestor Cult Lyrics

release date: 1993
genres: Electronic Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Industrial
length: 3:46
Let's take an ambulance ride
To the place where
Amnesia fills our eyes
Suck in that summer sister

The blood was like a river flowing
The earring dangles from the point of entry
To the wicked root of thickening gravity
And I am connected to the people ahead of me

By a tangled web of blood and entropy
And I am a child of the twentieth century
And I recall that the others ahead of me
Filled their eyes

They filled their eyes
They filled their eyes
Suck in that stomach sister
The fruit within your loins expanding

A strange locked code
The overflow of our occidental ancestral home

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Perfect Tan (Bikini Atoll)
  • 2 Butterfly Wings
  • 3 Lilith/Eve
  • 4 Albert Speer
  • 5 Limiter
  • 6 If I Should Explode
  • 7 Shake
  • 8 Cheap
  • 9 Acceleration
  • 10 Ancestor Cult
  • 11 Content?
  • 12 Trigger for Happiness / [untitled]