Who Sang Papa Bear? Madensuyu

Release information
Release Date: 2006
length: 5:07
By the way
And he was the craneman
And a coffeeman
And a concrete-man
He was the man it all
You know
As your favourite you put them aside
But you want'em inside
Hey Bear, are you ready Bear
Let's take a walk here
Down here, down there
You and me
Me and you
Are you ready Bear?
- I'm ready

Allright here we go
Here we go go
Aaah yeah
By the way
And you know my head
Is full of rise
And filled with curry
As a saviour by the soul
I wanna talk
I'm gonna talk to him
I'm gonna go
Hurray! Hurray!
We love you bear...

CD 1
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  • 2 Sugar On
  • 3 For a While
  • 4 Suck on More to Come
  • 5 White on My Sight-Field
  • 6 Papa Bear
  • 7 Dido
  • 8 Should We Ever Fall
  • 9 Share a Lot