Who Sang Highway 2.000.000? Madrugada

Release information
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Blues Rock
length: 4:12
producer: Kai Andersen and Madrugada
vocal: Sivert Høyem
mixer: Al Clay
electric guitar: Robert Burås
percussion: Jon Lauvland Pettersen
drums (drum set): Jon Lauvland Pettersen
bass guitar: Frode Jacobsen
composer: Madrugada
lyricist: Sivert Høyem
And in my lonely hour weekend
I'm feeling stop, stop the hook
I swear, all these things I might be guilty of
Just came to happen on the road I took

I don't know why I took this turn
And it made me love her
Right from the night when we were born and
And all the stars they were a-falling
Like from the night I had this calling
Yeaaah right

And I know only where it started
On a cold and lonely highway
Well, my arms were reaching
Into the land beyond

I saw the stars south in the night
And a million winding roads
And heavy horses of the moving on the wind and
And all the time that they would pull, pull, run boy

I enjoy the sickness of my heart
And I tread up a trail that lead along the frozen highway
My head was numb and I was starved
But right from the start, I had this calling

Oh I don't know why I took this turn
Well I know that I must burn
But I ain't sorry for the road I took oh
But the holy books are open wide and I'll be forgiven
There's something in there, that keeps on pulling me apart

I have stood beneath the sky, well it sickened riding high
My hands forever stained with blood and I couldn't feel my body moving
And from inside I felt this pull, ooooh this pull
And al-alright

CD 1
  • 1 Higher
  • 2 Tonight I Have No Words for You
  • 3 The Riverbed
  • 4 Highway 2.000.000