Who Sang Hurt? Magenta

Magenta Home cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-6
length: 5:35
To be loved by only one
The hurt it runs too deep
People all around, they try
The love is mine to keep
He tried so hard, I turn away
His love always refuse
All he wants, one look, one kiss
His love for me, is free to choose
Turn away
Anger, fear, they grow inside
See her death it gives the seed
To give life to the full and yet
Give a heart no use to bleed

One life
Trust love
One chance
To make it all seem right
Never get a second take
Just one chance, it"s make or break
Trying not to make the same mistakes

CD 1
  • 1 This Life
  • 2 Hurt
  • 3 Moving On
  • 4 My Home Town (Far Away)
  • 5 Brave New Land
  • 6 The Journey
  • 7 Towers of Hope
  • 8 Demons
  • 9 Morning Sunlight
  • 10 Joe
  • 11 A Dream
  • 12 The Visionary
  • 13 Journey’s End
  • 14 The Travellers Lament
  • 15 Home