Mammuth - Original Shape Lyrics

release date: 2003
genres: Rock
styles: Hardcore/Nu Metal
length: 3:09
I'm a pot made by you, I'm broken to pieces
What am I supposed to do without you, without you?
Let your rain fall on me, soak me up dear God
I want to lose control now
I don't want to live another day without you (without you)
When I'm with you I am complete, you've made me stand up on my feet
Hold me close hold me tight, never loose me out of sight
Lord Jesus please I'm a broken useless jar without you

I wanna be the
I wanna be the clay
I wanna be the clay in your hands
To let you give me
To let you give me back
To let you give me back my original shape

Made by you, loved by you
I don't even have a clue why you still wanna use me
I'm worthless useless trash without you
You're my map you're my guide you're my Lamp (my lamp)
The light on my path I would be lost in darkness now without you
You are my everything, my centerpiece,
the air I breath I give up my defence,
I admit: You are the ruler of the earth
I'm a broken useless jar without You

I was meant to be yours
But somewhere it went wrong
I beg you start over
Make me something beautiful

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 No More Makeup
  • 2 Don't Be Afriad
  • 3 Helpless
  • 4 Original Shape
  • 5 Damaged Generation
  • 6 Take Me Home
  • 7 Good Morning Christianity
  • 8 Keep the Focus
  • 9 Praise
  • 10 Radical
  • 11 Shine