Who Sang El Dorado: II. The Gold? Marillion

Marillion Fuck Everyone and Run (F E A R) cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-9-23
length: 6:12
producer: Michael Hunter
mixer: Michael Hunter
recording engineer: Michael Hunter
composer: Steve Hogarth, Pete Trewavas, Steve Rothery, Mark Kelly, Ian Mosley
lyricist: Steve Hogarth

The gold stops us
The gold always did
The gold took more lives than Uranium
Than Plutonium

The thunder approaches
The heavy sighing of the monster...
Come to break the heavy weather
Come to silence all the singing birds
Tearing up the sky like paper
White-welding through dark steel of clouds
And the release of the sudden rain

The gold stops us
The gold always did
The gold took more lives than Uranium
Than Plutonium, Pandemonium
The Gold!

Jet engines and demolition
And the summer rain
Like finding a lost child

The roads are travelled by many
Like promises of peace
And some choose not to go
The F E A R looks like bravado
It always did
I see them waiting, smiling
On the borders in dawn's mist
Or lost to the world in their upturned boats
I'll be free or I'll die trying to be
Trying to BE

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