Who Sang Throw Me Out? Marillion

Marillion Happiness Is the Road cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-9-10
Genre: Rock
Style: Prog Rock
length: 3:57
composer: Pete Trewavas, Mark Kelly, Steve Hogarth, Steve Rothery, Ian Mosley
lyricist: Steve Hogarth
In our house
Two's a crowd
You threw me out
Of our own life
You seem to want to be a friend

In our house
Two's a crowd
No more trouble
No more strife
You seem to be at your wits end
I tore apart my oldest friend

How my heart jumped
And how my head thumped
As this hard earth
Came up and b__ped
As I was dumped

And you threw me out
And you threw me out

Stood at the boundary
Without a clue
Losing you..
Testing your patience
Every day
Opening draws
Getting in the way

And making a mess
While you're trying to clean
I guess that's my function
Know what I mean..

Throw me out
Don't worry babe
I'm recyclable
I'll biodegrade
I'll biodegrade

I'm recyclable
I'm recyclable

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