Who Sang Ghost? Mark Erelli

Release information
Release Date: 2001
composer: Mark Erelli
lyricist: Mark Erelli
(Mark Erelli)

I'm not the kind to believe in superstition
Lately the truth I have seen is stranger than non-fiction
You race through my blood, some kind of sweet addiction
Heaven help the fool who falls in love

I sleepwalk the streets of this town looking for your face
Ain't got nothing to show right now, but I can't give up the chase
Won't you give me a sign, some kind of saving grace
You're the only one I'm thinking of
Can't get you off my mind

I must be going insane
All these streets look the same
Nobody answers when I call out your name

I need you the most
When you're not around
I'm in love with your ghost
You're invisible now
I know that it's wrong
To keep holding on to something you can't even see

Guess you can already see that my heart is haunted
You are all that I need, everything I've ever wanted
Lost myself somewhere in between, can't you hear me calling
Wish I may, wish I might
First star I chance to see tonight

Wish I could disappear right now
Fade into this faceless crowd
'Cause I'm so sick and tired of missing you out loud


CD 1
  • 1 Ghost
  • 2 Compass & Companion
  • 3 Why Should I Cry
  • 4 Miracle Man
  • 5 My Love
  • 6 Little Sister
  • 7 Free Ride
  • 8 Before I Knew Your Name
  • 9 Take My Ashes to the River
  • 10 All Behind Me Now
  • 11 Almost Home