Who Sang This Too Shall Pass? Mark Lowry

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Woke up this morning with the years I've spent
Hanging heavy on my mind.
At times I see
So much in me
I wish I'd left behind.
But the one thing I've learned
As the years have turned,
And they sure have traveled fast.
I don't have to stay where I am today because
This too shall past.
This too shall pass.
This too shall pass.
And the tears that fall like raindrops now
Will finally dry at last.
This too shall past.
Sometimes I'm laughing with a crowd of friends,
And still I feel alone.
There's a place inside
Full of tears I hide
That I've only cried alone.
But I know that He's near,
And I know He hears,
And I know these tears won't last.
This pain today
Will be swept away because
This too shall pass.

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