Who Sang Lip Service? Mars ILL

Release information
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:55

[Verse 1: manCHILD]
Backmask patterns into the track master flashdance
Actual fact: reality rap, grab hands
To fill the Gap band with black thought philosophy
Crack down, we didn't come here to back down
Back of my hand
I quote, holding thirty psalms
And everything we move through is real until it's gone
We pay rent and tax bend backs and spin wax
In an original blend that gives fans what trend lacks
In a fraction of a surface scratch live into now
ManCHILD spits venomous and drenches the whole crowd
In sentences more style we finish and tore down
You can build it how we see it from the ceiling to the ground
It’s feeling and it’s sound when we take pole position
Gotta listen to me, myself and my coalition
It’s my rendition of real world feel good speech
Clutch the cloud if you want, but you gotta be willing to reach

[Hook] x2
All right, we’re here and it’s gonna be all right
Tell your ma to leave on the porch light
Rock for a fortnight, killing the mic with purpose
Mars Ill we give you so much more than Lip Service

[Verse 2: manCHILD]
Said it with my eyes closed
My freestyle’s a sideshow
Opposition won’t listen
They’re blown off the hydro
My goal is giving sight to a blind soul
Five fold till I die slow (die slow)
Lie low and motivate with everything that I know
My pen and pad tend to follow where my mind goes
Cry for the people living inside of the prison
Of a system of statistics, programs, and typos
Idols are American made they sell and trade
But I want to fill the role the good Samaritan played
And lay my life across my words, cause this is all I have
Sign petitions and creeds as well as autographs
I’m never falling flat, cause I’m never falling off
I’m never being bought by promises and hollow talk
I can’t forget the cross, or the lessons I been taught
Keep my feet on the straight and narrow path that I walk


[Verse 3: manCHILD]
It’s not a force that stings and plots the course of things
You can’t afford the means to overlord my team
Because the source can bring a simple choice between
A little war and peace, which way the fork will lead
Either/Or you’ll think that life is boring lean
So metamorph a dream and you can soar with wings
You can court your queen with no divorce of things
And then you’re sure to sing no longer raw but free
It’s like a forward thing because your soul is clean
The mere talk will sling into the Lord’s esteem
The way it pours from me, you’ll never core perceive
When we’re on tour you’ll see, it’s “give you more for free”
And when we’re forced to meet, you’ll just adore the means
And make the shores agree, this sound is yours to cling
You’ll never bore, or be finished before we leave
My name is manCHILD I just report the scene


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