Who Sang Way of Life? Mars

Release information
Release Date: 2007-10-26
length: 3:47
Sunday morning and a cup of tea
memories of the last night
if she asked me then i would agree
it´s true
can´t remember if i talked too much
did i make any promise?
just to get a simple tender touch
that leads me trohugh the night

that´s my way of life
and i feel alright
thats the way it is
something special in the air tonight
will it last till tomorrow?
can you take me to the other side
and change my way of life?

thats my way of life
and i feel alright
this is what i believe in
running away
nothing to say
staring into the sun
taking the ride
with you by my side
it´s ending before it´s begun

CD 1
  • 1 On Air
  • 2 Stop Right Now
  • 3 Hey
  • 4 Where Did We Go Wrong
  • 5 Falling
  • 6 Reason
  • 7 Upside Down
  • 8 Look at Her Face
  • 9 Hot Night
  • 10 Way of Life
  • 11 Here I Am
  • 12 Borderline
  • 13 Last Goodbye
  • 14 Now You're Here