Martin Solveig - Mr President Lyrics

release date: 2002-6-17
genres: Electronic
styles: House/Deep House/Tech House
length: 5:18

Ladies and gentlemen, believe me
Tonight is a really special occasion to share a story
(Hu hu) I'm gonna tell you the story of Mr. President
Ladies and gentlemen, I beg your attention
I'm talking about Mr. President

Ah, Mr. President! Oh, Mr. President!

(Organ solo)

Mr. President was adored, why did people give him attention
Love and adultion? I don't know, I wondered

(Sax solo)

One day, Mr. President took the elevator
He saw the destruction & he stared motion this, stroked by loveliness
The elevator's door slumbered and killed Mr. President

Ah, Mr. President! Oh, Mr. President!

I'm so desperate, he was such a lovely cat. Ha ha ha ha!

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Someday
  • 3 I'm a Good Man
  • 4 Destiny
  • 5 Burning
  • 6 Linda
  • 7 You Are My Friend
  • 8 On My Mind
  • 9 Heart of Africa
  • 10 Mr President
  • 11 Edony
  • 12 Sur la Terre